Models we use to generate Images on includes these licenses;

Copyright (c) 2023 Stability AI CreativeML Open RAIL++-M License dated Link

CreativeML Open RAIL-M dated Link

In short yes every image on this site you can use it for commercialy but be sure to read the original SD licenses.

What is Stable Diffusion and Its Generated Images?

Stable diffusion Models are like new kinds of brains and new kinds of intelligence. They are truly Artificial Intelligence. You can describe anything you want it to draw and it will draw it from its model/knowledge. It will be good or bad that depending on the description or the model. Too many variables go into generations.

Every model is a human brain-like artificial neural network. Just like any artist, it will get inspired by anything it has been trained on. Real life or fantasy. It will depend on trained data. Models itself doesn’t contain any image but it does contain knowledge.

Models does know what is CocaCola logo but that doesn’t mean it has CocaCola.png in its model. It doesn’t work like that. These models are not databases they are neural artificial brains. It knows how the shape looks and the color like a real brain from its knowledge.

I am writing these short descriptions and examples because there is a big misunderstanding out there people still doesnt understand what we facing. What are this models.

In time society and the artist will have a clear understanding of these models.

We have entered a new digital age. With LLM and SD artificial brains become more mainstream everything we know and how they work will change. Everything.

Have fun.