When crafting prompts, focus on using vivid descriptive details like “intricate floral gown” or “cinematic lighting” to steer the output. Specify desired styles like “Pixar animation” or mediums like “watercolor painting” for cohesive results. Mind the emotional tone using words like “elegant,” “whimsical,” or “retrofuturistic” to further guide the image. With thoughtful prompting, explore new visual dimensions bounded only by your imagination.


Here are 5 prompt ideas for generating images with Stable Diffusion, along with example prompts:

  1. Surreal landscapes Prompt: “A surreal landscape with floating islands in a pink sky, highly detailed digital art”

This prompt generates whimsical landscapes with imaginative elements like floating landmasses and colorful skies. The “highly detailed digital art” helps create a crisp, vivid image.


  1. Retro sci-fi characters
    Prompt: “A retrofuturistic android character standing in front of a spaceship, trending on artstation, sharp focus, highly detailed”

This prompt creates sci-fi characters with a retro aesthetic, set against a spaceship backdrop. Specifying “trending on artstation” and “sharp focus” helps generate more polished, professional results.


  1. Fantasy portraits Prompt: “An elegant high elf princess wearing a gown with intricate floral designs, intricate, highly detailed digital painting, portrait”

This prompt generates fantasy-themed portraits focused on characters like elves. Details like “intricate floral designs” and “highly detailed digital painting” result in refined, vivid images.


  1. Whimsical animal hybrids Prompt: “A cute happy fox with butterfly wings sitting in a field of flowers, by Pixar animation studios, soft lighting, highly detailed”

This type of prompt mixes animals and fantastical elements to create whimsical hybrid creatures. Specifying a studio like Pixar results in a certain animation style.


  1. Vintage travel posters Prompt: “A vintage European travel poster depicting a train passing through the Swiss alps, watercolor painting, cinematic lighting”

This prompt mimics the style of retro travel posters with details like “vintage European” and “watercolor painting”. The result is nostalgic imagery glamorizing travel destinations.