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I conducted an in-depth analysis of various samplers to determine the ideal one for SDXL.

There are three primary types of samplers: Primordial (identified by an “a” in their title), non-primordial, and SDE.

Generally speaking, the primordial samplers produce the most visually appealing outcomes and appear to be the superior choice.

Non-primordial samplers tend to emphasize background components. While they offer a plethora of details, they can sometimes appear chaotic.

The SDEs, on the other hand, are somewhat lackluster. They generally present fewer details, and though they aren’t awful, they lack a certain allure.

THE TOP PICKS ARE: Based on thorough evaluations and my personal artistic preference:

1st Place: DPM++ 2SA Karras @ 70 Steps. This sampler is not only visually stunning but also intricate, and it excels in depicting hands. If you had to pick just one sampler, this would be it. Consider adjusting the CFG between 7-10+.

2nd Place: DPM Fast @100 Steps. This one is commendable, but its output is somewhat variable. Nonetheless, it occasionally produces truly breathtaking images. It seems optimal at a CFG setting between 5-7.

3rd Place: DPM Adaptive. This choice might be surprising to some, but it stands out in achieving accurate proportions and elements better than its non-primordial counterparts. Plus, it maintains a unique artistic charm. It autonomously determines the needed steps and appears compatible with a broad spectrum of CFG values.

4rd Place: Euler a. Probably my favorite people doesn’t like it but in detailed prompts it doesn’t give the perfect results. It is too chaotic but in simpler and longer like one sentence prompts I find Euler is the best for this use case.

Oddly enough, while other non-adaptive samplers often produce skewed proportions, the DPM Adaptive consistently delivers pleasing outcomes.

Keep it in mind none of the sampler is prefect. Like there is no sampler it works for all prompting gives 100% perfect results. Some samplers works with short prompts better, some of them works with loras better some of them works with longer negatives some don’t. It really depends on the situation. To this date I have made thousands of tests myself.

I am using Euler, DPM 2S, or DPM 2M Personaly I would recommend sticking to this 3 sampler but again it really depends on the generation what sampler is the best.

Be sure to spend some time to make your own tests and continue after that.

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